Three easy steps

How it works

Step 1
3D Scan Your Patients
Scan your patients with your 3D Scanner. iTero users can chose Retainer Club as a lab. For other 3D scanners, we have a simple system for getting 3D scans into our system.
Step 2
Patient Sign Up
Have your patient sign up at and choose how many mouthguards they want.
Step 3
Home Delivery
Custom mouthguards delivered right to your patients' door. Offer your patients the best of both worlds, in-office care for the treatments that matter and home delivery for products they can order online.
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Provide Your Patients with the Best Protection

Every patient who plays contact sports should be wearing a mouthguard. Instead of a generic boil-and-bite mouthguard that doesn't fit well and offers poor protection, Mouthguard Club provides your patients with the ability to wear what the pros wear, a custom-fitting mouthguard. Ours just have a little more style!

Bacteria and Viruses Collect on Mouthguards Over Time

Your patients should be replacing their mouthguards as often as they replace their toothbrushes. Their toothbrush is only in their mouths for a few minutes a day, but their mouthguards works much harder, often spending hours in their mouth collecting bacteria and viruses.
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Give Your Patients the Best Protection

Your patients can choose any quantity

  1. Athlete
    Only $99/each
    Great Place to Start
    1 custom mouthguards
    Regularly $99
  2. Two Sport Star
    Only $74.50/each
    2 custom mouthguards
    Up to # designs
    Regularly $198
  3. Tri-Athlete
    Only $66.33/each
    1 for: Practice, Backup, the Big Game
    3 custom mouthguards
    Up to # designs
    Regularly $297