What is the Difference Between a Mouthguard Club Mouthguard and a Boil-and-Bite?

A mouthguard club mouthguard is based on a digital 3-D scan of your patient's teeth and is much more accurate than a generic mouthguard that is a boiled piece of plastic loosely formed over teeth.  A Mouthguard Club Mouthguard will fit like a glove and offer better protection for your patients than a loose-fitting generic that often falls out leading to no protection.  

How Often Should my Patients Change their Mouthguard?

With regular wear mouthguards typically last one sports season.  Your patients should also replace their mouthguard if they get a virus (strep or the flu).  Mouthguards, like their toothbrushes, collect bacteria and viruses over time.  The only way to eliminate 100% of them is to throw it away and get a new one.  Also, anytime their teeth change (eg. they lose a baby tooth or get a new filling or crown) they should get a new scan and order a new mouthguard.

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