Become a Mouthguard Club Partner in just 3 Simple Steps

The Mouthguard Club Process

Step 1
Register your iTero Scanner (if you have another scanner it's simple too)
Call iTero (800-577-8767, choose option 1, then 1 for iTero Support). Ask to add Retainer Club to your scanner(s) (Retainer Club ID is 36407). Once Retainer Club has been added by iTero, Select the Settings in your iTero scanner and Select "Sync Configuration" for each of your scanners. Have another 3D scanner? Contact us for more information.
Step 2
Scan anyone who wants a custom-fitting mouthguard. iTero users can chose Retainer Club as a lab. We have a simple system for getting 3D scans from all other scanners, too.
Step 3
Patient Sign Up
If your patient designed their mouthguard on the digital kiosk in your waiting room just tell them to check their email and complete their registration at home. Otherwise, they just need to go to Mouthguard Club, register and select that they already got a scan. We will take care of the rest.

Offer Your Patients What They Want

Your patients want products that are customized to their needs and personalized to their preferences. By partnering with Mouthguard Club you get to show your patients that you get them! Let them trick out their custom fitting mouthguards on the kiosk in your office and then tell all their friends where they were able to get the latest and greatest.

Mouthguard Club Helps You

Host a Scan Day Event

Protection -- Personalized!

Fully customizable

Mouthguard Club's custom designer allows your patients to personalize their protection.   They can choose the colors, logos, text, and graphics that make their mouthguard their own.  But they still need to come to your office to get scanned so they can know that whatever masterpiece they deisgn will fit like a glove.